• DIPA Inc.

    "producer of security papers"

    with unique traditions and a wide
    range of products welcomes you
    as a future customer on its website.

  • Banknote paper

    Our most common product
    with the highest level of protection.

  • Document papers

    used for passports, identity
    and authentic documents.

  • Security papers

    Different kind of tickets, paper
    with security elements for cheques,
    vouchers etc.

  • Watermarked papers

    we offer it for setting the printing of banknotes, documents, moreover for preparing unique notepapers

  • Unique security papers

    the combination of high level security
    with an exclusive appearance

  • Planning of protection systems
    for security papers

    harmonising the synergic effects
    of various security elements

  • Paper slitting

    from reel to reel
    or from reel to sheet

  • Application of holographic
    and iridescent stripes

    for paper produced by us or provided by our customer
    furthermore for synthetic or thermo products



You are welcomed by the homepage of DIPA Inc.

Our factory has unique traditions and production range in Hungary and is one of the leading enterprises of the north-east region. We hope that this introduction will please you and you will get to know our security papers also in their genuine shape.


Diósgyõr Papermill is the only company in Hungary that is involved in producing security papers. These unique and exclusive products have been the symbols of quality paper production in Hungary for more than two hundred years.

More about our factory


Environmental protection

DIPA Inc. is located at  the foot of Bükk Mountain in the valley of the Stream Szinva. For our factory living in close contact  with the beauties of the nature the protection of  the environment is of primary importance.

Since 2002  we run  ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our aim is to recognise and apply advanced environmental methods to avoid formation of contamination, to obviate the pollution of environment and to reduce waste.


Major investments for environment:

  • 1998  sewage purification plant (for cleaning of the factory's service water, compressing the sewage sludge)
  • 1999  briquette machine (destroying of the waste paper - waste utilisation)
  • 2001  neutralisation system in the storage for chemical materials
  • 2001  utilisation of waste heat
  • 2001  reconstruction of drinking water system


Diósgyőr Papermill, due to its specific production profile, lays great emphasis on production safety. Our security service covers all aspects of production, we provide strict audits and police escort for the transport.

Our security guards watch every section of the production process so as to avoid eventual misuse.

The territory of the factory, the production machines, the raw material and the finished products are protected and surrounded by a complex protective system. The protective system, which cover all the section of our activity is coordinated by Security Department. Safety is an important issue for us even outside the factory. Therefore, upon request, we provide the transport of our product with security guards who are skilled according to international security standards.

Quality assurance

The DIPA Inc Management decided last year to implement a more suitable management system capable to handle the challange of XXI Century. With existing ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental management system we have created an integrated system. The system follows and implements all modifications occured into the international standards. Our ultimate goal is to fully satisfy all Cutomer expectations. This the goal which is  driving our organization and processes starting from raw material purchasing through in process inspection and finished with product delivery and service..