Environmental protection

DIPA Inc. is located at  the foot of Bükk Mountain in the valley of the Stream Szinva. For our factory living in close contact  with the beauties of the nature the protection of  the environment is of primary importance.

Since 2002  we run  ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our aim is to recognise and apply advanced environmental methods to avoid formation of contamination, to obviate the pollution of environment and to reduce waste.


Major investments for environment:

  • 1998  sewage purification plant (for cleaning of the factory's service water, compressing the sewage sludge)
  • 1999  briquette machine (destroying of the waste paper - waste utilisation)
  • 2001  neutralisation system in the storage for chemical materials
  • 2001  utilisation of waste heat
  • 2001  reconstruction of drinking water system