Banknote base paper

Beside the basepaper of the Hungarian banknote generation Diósgyőr Papermill produces the paper of currency from all over the world. The wide range of security elements applied in or onto the surface of the paper against counterfeit is highly in accordance with the international requirements.

Base paper for documents

Identity cards, passports, births as well as school certificates and documents require more and better security elements due to the increase of counterfeiting activities.Most of these security features should be applied during paper production.
Different protection methods are applied with various documents and have to meet more and more requirements.


Base paper for tickets

Today even more public transport companies and cultural as well as sports organisations print their tickets, especially those of long-term validity on security paper. Most of the companies require protected paper for their disposable tickets too. Luncheon vouchers and vouchers redeemable in different places also fall in this category.
In  case of these tickets, the watermark or a holographic foil ensures an easy and rapid control that requires no specialised knowledge.

Watermarked writing paper and cardboard

The quantity of appearance and the image is important for every company. We wish to strenghten it with manufacturing unique products which inrease the standard of written communication. A folder, writing paper, business card or any other product with a corporate-named watermark can help this. In our workshop, we make watermark dandy rolls according to the customer's needs, undertake to preserve them and guarantee that we will not give out the individual, watermarked products to other customers. This is the way that security protection and elegant appearance can be linked to promote an organisation's image.


DIPA Inc. offers also cardboard of higher grammage.

Any protective element (hologram foil, security fibers or iridescent stripes) or their combination can be incorporated into the cardboard, so it can be easily used on a lot of areas.
Cardboard  is an excellent material to make cards from. Once provided with a chip, it is suitable for personalization. Therefore it is applicable for:

  • entrance systems
  • goods protection
  • traffic watching, etc.

The durability of cardboard can be extended manifold by lamination so its life is comparable to that of plastic cards.


Authentic documents

DIPA offers different kinds of authentic documents for offices, notaries and ministries that we also can number at the request of our customers. It allows a continuous monitoring of the given products. By means of it  the misuse of these documents can be precluded.